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3 Days Tsavo West And Amboseli National Park Safari from Nairobi

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Safari Overview

Tsavo West National Park delights safari-goers with its startling contrasts – ancient lava flows, scenic sweeping hills, magical baobab trees, and the deep green of Mzima Springs. Look for Nile crocodile and hippo in this unexpected oasis. The large game are all here including many endangered black rhino, living protected in the Ngulia Sanctuary.

The imposing tower of Mt. Kilimanjaro signals you’ve arrived in Amboseli National Park, located near the foot of this legendary mountain. The mountain serves as a picturesque backdrop to the great herds of elephants roaming the park in addition to its other wildlife. The marshes and lakes of the park are equally rich with birdlife

Tour Plan

Your driver/guide will pick you up from your Nairobi hotel, residence, or Nairobi airport.

We’ll head out in your private 4 x 4 Jeep over smooth highway with rest stops along the way to stretch and take in the views.


Along our drive, we’ll pass through African savannah populated with local homesteads. This is Masai country so keep an eye out for the herdsmen in their colorful wraps, tending to their cattle.

Tsavo West is a beautiful park, impressing visitors with its contrasting palette of plains, bush, woodlands, volcanic forms, and riverine vegetation. We’ll start our game drives looking for lion, cheetah, elephant, zebra, ostrich, buffalo and so much more.

Soon it’s lunchtime so we’ll take a break to refresh. Then more game drives with a visit to the park’s rhino sanctuary. This a 70 sq. km (27 sq. mi) reserve created to protect the more than 80 endangered creatures that are sheltered here.

The park also dazzles with the color of hundreds of migratory birds – African skimmers, yellow bishops, goshawks, weavers, starlings, kingfishers, hornbills, herons, and many others.


Our first safari night will be at Tsavo West at the lodge or tented camp of your choice.

We’ll be up early to take in the wondrous African sunrise as the land and the animals come to life. This is a special time in the park when the air is cool and still, reflecting the first light of the day.

One of the great surprises of Tsavo West is Mzima Springs, a naturally fed oasis brimming with wildlife, exotic fish, crocodile, hippo, and birds. We can leave our 4 x 4 Jeep for a guided walk along the green shores, taking in this idyllic landscape.

Then it’s a relatively short drive to Amboseli Park. Mt. Kilimanjaro will be your beacon, guiding you to the reserve and its busy world of wildlife. You’re guaranteed to spot herds of free-ranging elephants trooping past, with stately Kilimanjaro framing their progress.

With its sparse foliage, Amboseli is known to be an easy reserve for wildlife spotting, and you’ll be busy with your guide, checking off the various hunters and grazers you see.

This park is a photographer’s dream so be ready to capture dozens of striking memories.

Toward evening, the clouds covering Kilimanjaro’s peak may disperse giving us memorable views of the mountain’s snow-capped summit.


Our second night will be spent at Amboseli at the safari lodge or tented camp of your choice.

There are lots of reasons to rise with the sun at Amboseli and one of them is the chance to get an early morning view of Kilimanjaro’s snowy summit. Weather permitting we’ll have a perfect view of this legendary African landmark.

Even as we enjoy breakfast at our accommodation, there will be dramatic vistas all around us, an incredible way to begin the day.

We’ll head out for another mid-morning game drive to look for elephant, lion and whoever else may cross our path.

Later, when it’s time to exit the park, we’ll take in one last safari, and perhaps add a few more animals to our list.

Soon, we’ll be back on the Nairobi-Mombasa Highway, headed to Nairobi. We should arrive back in the city in the late afternoon.

Drop off

Back in Nairobi, we’ll drop you off at your hotel, residence, or the airport.


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